Harry Potter Theme

OK I`ve never played this so like i don`t know if it sounds good please comment if you find any errors! TY!!! <3

B E G F# E B A F#

E G F# Eb F B

B E G F# E B D Db C

Ab C B Bb G E G

B G B G C B Bb

F# G B Bb Bb B

G B G B G D Db C

Ab C B Bb G F# E


  1. No it is not the music I have the music and it doesnt sound like it

  2. Perfect except for the g e g at the end of the fourth line

    1. For the G E G at the end of the fourth line just take the G at the end and add it to the beginning of the fifth line

  3. I think the last B in the second line sounds better as an E, I just tried it out on my flute but either than that it sounds great :)

  4. it sounds good apart from the geg on the fourth line but thanks, I've been trying to find this theme for ages!

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