Call Me Maybe

Damn I hate this song

I threw a wish in the well
B   B   B    B   B   A   B

Don't ask me I'll never tell
B     B   B   B      B   A   B

I looked at you as it fell
B    B    B  B    B  A   A

And now you're in my way
A     A  G        G    D  B

I trade my soul for a wish
B    B    B    B   B   A  B

Pennies & dimes for a kiss
B    B      B   B      B    A B

I wan't looking for this
B  B   B  B B   A  A

But now you're in my way
A     A     G    G    D  B

Your stare was holding
D      D   B       A  G

Ripped jeans skin was showing
D          D        D    B      A   G

Hot night wind was blowing
D     D      D      B     A  G

Where you think you're going baby
G     G     G           G        G   G   A  B

Hey I just met you
G     B  D  G  D

And this is crazy
B    B   D  B G

But here's my number
G  B  C B G

So call me maybe
G B      A   A G

It's hard to look right
G    B    D   G   D

At you baby
B   D   B   G

But here's my number
G  B C B G

So call me maybe
G   B    A   A G


  1. i can play it but just need more practice :) thanks whoeva uploaded it x

  2. this song is amazing and super easy to be fluted..Thanks to whoever uploded it....:)

  3. I Neewded this for a project to print 30 songs with flute chords and lyrics

  4. WOW
    a couple of comments
    1.) really easy to learn
    2.) i love this song
    3.) only requires the notes C B A G D
    4.) even my little brother could learn this (well not really he's only 6! XD)

  5. I PLAY flute and still leaning and a couple notes I PLAY are really sharp I do not know what I am doing wrong can some one help me?

    1. Do you tune your instrument at least once or twice a week depending on how much you play. If you want I can help you with this problems you will have in the future if you are a beginner to early intermediate player. Email me at and I can provide you with free lessons with skype, email, ichat, or any other ways you want to communicate.