Call Me Maybe

Damn I hate this song

I threw a wish in the well
B   B   B    B   B   A   B

Don't ask me I'll never tell
B     B   B   B      B   A   B

I looked at you as it fell
B    B    B  B    B  A   A

And now you're in my way
A     A  G        G    D  B

I trade my soul for a wish
B    B    B    B   B   A  B

Pennies & dimes for a kiss
B    B      B   B      B    A B

I wan't looking for this
B  B   B  B B   A  A

But now you're in my way
A     A     G    G    D  B

Your stare was holding
D      D   B       A  G

Ripped jeans skin was showing
D          D        D    B      A   G

Hot night wind was blowing
D     D      D      B     A  G

Where you think you're going baby
G     G     G           G        G   G   A  B

Hey I just met you
G     B  D  G  D

And this is crazy
B    B   D  B G

But here's my number
G  B  C B G

So call me maybe
G B      A   A G

It's hard to look right
G    B    D   G   D

At you baby
B   D   B   G

But here's my number
G  B C B G

So call me maybe
G   B    A   A G


  1. i can play it but just need more practice :) thanks whoeva uploaded it x

    1. U totalleh spelled WHOEVA wrong it's WHOEVAH 😎

  2. this song is amazing and super easy to be fluted..Thanks to whoever uploded it....:)

  3. I Neewded this for a project to print 30 songs with flute chords and lyrics

  4. WOW
    a couple of comments
    1.) really easy to learn
    2.) i love this song
    3.) only requires the notes C B A G D
    4.) even my little brother could learn this (well not really he's only 6! XD)

  5. I PLAY flute and still leaning and a couple notes I PLAY are really sharp I do not know what I am doing wrong can some one help me?

    1. Do you tune your instrument at least once or twice a week depending on how much you play. If you want I can help you with this problems you will have in the future if you are a beginner to early intermediate player. Email me at and I can provide you with free lessons with skype, email, ichat, or any other ways you want to communicate.

  6. Sorry But it sounds off track at the end but it very easy to learn ☺️